paris,i wanna see you soon

paris,i wanna see you soon


free hugs?

I live love.
Awaiting you.


Proenza Shouler bag!
Gimme gimme gimme!

Freja broke NY and my heart

Freja is my fav this time,she is so different.
Love love love.

Bang bang!

She rocks!

Seen on the STREET

I am so in love with the M.O.D's style,its breathtaking.Addicted to black and white combination,actually dying for old-navy color and high heels.
Streets are so stylish now!



DANSK magazine/kink

rapture/DANSK magazine


Omameni sirokymi ulicemi.
Luciinou ignoraci,netoleranci,nadrazenosti.To vse snoubene s ojedinelou krasou a rozumem.Ziskala si me.
Alex a nesmiritelna krasa v ocich.
Na kazdem rohu neco,co mi vyrazelo dech.
Slzy v mysli,kdyz jsem si uvedomila,ze bude hodina,kdy musim nasednout do auta a vydat se smer Praha.
Euforie,ktera je den za dnem vetsi.
Naprosta pohotovost lidi pomahat,az na jednu damu,ktera se na me opovrhlive podivala a sla dal.
Vete "tak se poser,kravo stara" - nastesti nerozumela.
Metro tak cisty,ze bych si tam ustlala - ve finale jsem si po hodinovem cekani ve vetru jen sedla na DANSK magazine doprostred haly.
Bala jsem se mrknuti oka,abych nahodou o neco neprisla.
Mela jsem strach dychat,ze by mi mohlo neco uniknout.
To mesto me uchvatilo a jsem v jeho zajeti.
jsem v zajeti lidi,co tam se mnou pobyvali.
Protoze jsou tak rozdilni,jako puzzle,co k sobe nepasuji a presto jsou v jedne krabici.
Petihvezdickovy hotel a luxus ve smeru,co nemuzu vystat.
Cerveny koberec,akrobacie po nekolikate sklenicce alkoholu a kosile,co se mi pri zmene pozice "zezhora dolu" vyhrnula az k brade,takze recepcni se mohla pobavit.
Jsem drze dite bez predsudku a zabran.
ja to vim.
Omlouvam se.

Mam vas rada.



Bday is coming!*


Trashed wolves

Lucie Michnova perverse night.


Night - time for wonders

night always means to me to think about everything and nothing...I am trying very hard to find answers for my questions and during this process I lose my mind and I wish to have unpossible thing (not just dreams,but things which are very far away...)...I am stressed about my school,I hate my schoolmates and they hate me,too.)...The subject I study is interesting but not the right one for me,graphic design is something maybe funny but I wanna continue with photography,because its something what makes me smile and its really just a picture of my images in my head and reallity...I am happy with my life,I have friends and I love them deeply,I found love of my life (yes,you can laught to me,like almost every one does...) but it makes sense to me,it isnt meaningless.We have each other and we live on it...There is no chance to change or make up my mind,he is my "homme fatale" and I am dressing like a doll and swearing as a sailor - so its just like that.I wish he could be with me every day,so i wonder about his coming to Prague,we have a place to stay and we can build our relationship...Still cant sleep.
Watching Gossip Girl.
Blair is such a bitch and Chuck is an idiot.
Sorry ladies,I just cant help myself.)

Welcome to my wonderland.