paris,i wanna see you soon

paris,i wanna see you soon



I didnt go to school today,it was my day full of the rest and some cups of coffee.
I was set-up to wonder and make my thoughts keep running in my head and the only one result is that he will be rocking in my head forever...I met up with Alexandra McQueen in my favourite cafeteria and we were talking,talking,talking...She is totally my dream land,she is here when I need to talk,swear like navvy and I am happy for her...then I went to meet Anka,going for casting to Imperial hotel,first it was strange and really weird,but after some time I became calm and I had fun with those people from production and Lucie,the photographer.We stayed for a dinner at the hotel,I had fucking expensive vegetable and wine,tasty as hell...
We left with a stylist and another models to Lucies flat,shooting something what could be great,cause the styling and our mood was disarming...I came home some time ago and I am tired and feel so sleepy,but I must get up in a few hours so I think am not able to fall asleep tonight...Well,tomorrow I will me messaged about the Berlin,hope that it will be good for me.
My b-day is coming.
And I am stressed about it - feeling old haha.My bones hurt.
Tomorrow I have a shot with Karlina,a student from FAMU,cute girl from Russian.
So alko kids went was funny evening and I am glad.
So sleep free,sleep free.
I miss my sailor,aw...
Anywhere I lay my head,I always think of him...*

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