paris,i wanna see you soon

paris,i wanna see you soon


Monday shit.

I had a great sunday,sunshine,warmer weather than before,such in a good mood,no work...

And had a great conversation with my dear friend Bea,cant wait for her coming to Prague the fucking boring city!

Cause we just like the party,like the pa-pa-party yeah!

Actually...I am 19 on friday,so hope that I will have nice evening with my boyfriend.

He turned yesterday from his trip to Austria and I was the most happy person in the world when he was holding me in his arms♥

To wake up at 6.30 am was pretty difficult,I wanna sleep next week and more and more...

Its inpossible to wake up fresh and start a day without huge cup of strong coffee.

My first way was to Starbucks,but it seems that Starbucks doesnt work - still the same sleepy mood.

I am not talklative today.

We are going to see Alice in Wonderland finally.

Pretty excited.
First lesson is in the end /Thanks God/ and I am going to have a cigarette.

Thats what makes me survive.

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